About Us

BuyingTeams is a fintech company creating a
new normal when it comes to feedback and collaboration between banks and business customers

We provide banks and corporates with a digital collaboration tool based on web. Data is actionable, real-time and available for all relevant team members.

We give value to businesses by offering a free web solution that track the service performance of their banks. Banks can benchmark and get high quality data to enhance competitiveness.

50 years + of experience from business banking

We understand our customers and our customers’ customers.

Feedback provided by businesses to banks is today primarily solved by phone interviews and only with one respondent per company. The data is provided yearly and anonymously. Businesses providing feedback get no value.

We change that!

Our founder team


Founder | CEO & CFO

Claus Nielsen

About me

I spent 20 years in management roles in corporate banking with Nordic and International Banks, as well as 15 years with management roles in Financial Consulting (Big4), working with some
of the largest corporates as well as banks.

For corporates I have managed banking evaluations and selections processes on Nordic, European and Global levels, for some of the largest Nordic multinationals. This includes benchmarking
banks’ services and service levels to the corporates’ needs and wishes.

In addition to my banking background, I have worked for banks in external capacity doing corporate banking strategies, preparing new market entries, market surveillance, matching the right
JV banking partners and have developed numerous product strategies and launches for various banks.

All valuable experiences that match what we wish to do in BuyingTeams – improve customer collaboration and add value to both banks and corporates.


  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Financial Management

  • Graduate Diploma in Management & Organizational Development


Handles commercial affairs’ and liquidity on top-tier level


Founder | CCO

Ole Wulff

About me

I hold a very strong passion for Customer Experience, Collaboration and Business.

Over my 30+ years banking career with global and Nordic banks I have been a member or leader of cross border Sales Teams servicing cross border BuyingTeams from many the worlds largest Corporates
and Institutions. I have personally won, maintained and grown business with many familiar global brand names.

I have worked hands-on with a wide array of the existing Customer Experience and Feedback Solutions. And Business Customers have for many years gifted my Teams and I with the markets highest
Customer Satisfaction.

I have several times been in charge of teams establishing new business areas and complex product offerings from scratch. Business areas that have grown, become profitable quickly, and reached
top ranks in Customer Satisfaction.

I have worked from Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London, been in charge of 100+ FTE in cross border organisations generating annual recurring revenue streams of over MEUR 600.


  • M.Sc. in Economics specializing in Customer Experience


Visionary and feedback pioneer


Founder | CTO, COO 

Daniel Lapp

About me

Experienced Supply Chain and IT Manager, with strong expertise in international trade. 

Responsible for development and support in BuyingTeams. 


  • AU Supply Chain Management


Develop and attract top-talent  

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Experience from FinTech 

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Experience from business banking

Frequently asked questions

Or contact us at any time

When are you launching?

We launched our platform for Business, March 2022.

How much does it cost?

If you are a business user, it’s free. 

If you are a bank user, we kindly ask you to contact us.

Are we looking for partnerships?

We are. Send us an e-mail and we are ready to listen. 

Can we take traineeships?

We are hoping to open for more traineeships in Q2 2023. Please follow us on LinkedIn to see job postings.

What does ‘BuyingTeams’ mean?

We use the term BuyingTeam as the team of colleagues buying and using services from one or more Sellers represented by their Selling Teams.

As an example BuyingTeams in the Treasury functions of global corporates often consist of 20-100 colleagues with many different specialist competencies located at different geographic and organizational locations.