Environment & Sustainability Policy 

BuyingTeams is making sustainable efforts a part of our company’s mission as we are committed to Denmark‘s 2030 agenda of becoming a green frontrunner in global climate action. That means that decisions related to the company’s operations and our partnerships are designed to complement and enhance our efforts.


We use environmental criteria to identify areas where we can improve and manage possible risks. It also guides us when developing policies and procedures to reduce environmental impact.


Social responsibility is very important to BuyingTeams and we go to great lengths to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. We promote flexibility and have a strong focus on a good workplace culture.


Our internal system of practices, controls and procedures is carefully monitored by our active management so that we can continue to improve and that the interests of shareholders are properly represented.

BuyingTeams Sustainable Activities

In line with our ESG goals, we have already achieved many milestones. We have done so by enhancing our knowledge on sustainability and how we can implement relevant improvements towards reaching our goals. Below are some of the goals we have successfully achieved and continue to nurture as we grow.

BuyingTeams servers are running on 100% green-energy and are CO2 compensated.

 We partnered with AWS as they invest in sustainability across their infrastructure and supports our sustainable measurements and activities.

Our work in numbers

Green Power
ESG – Product Area
CO2 Neutral

CO2 Neutral by 2025

We have set a goal to become a carbon zero company by the year 2025, and we believe that we can achieve that with various measures and projects.