We made it easy and fast for you to start and use our platform. We use AI (machine-learning) to optimize Business Intelligence based on your company profile.

bank service performance

Track and monitor your banks’ performance. Invite your entire bank team (BuyingTeam) to get reliable and valid data from all stakeholders.


We provide a free app and online dashboard for businesses. All functions and service are free with no ads or hidden fees.

Track service performance!

Get real-time
 insight in your banks’ performance

Get valuable, up-to-date data on your banking partners.

Receive critical feedback real-time from your team or  create your own feedback session, to gain deeper insight of your bank’s performance.

Reports are tailored to your company and can be shared with your banking partners to optimize collaboration. 

BuyingTeams app
Everyone is heard now!

Get feedback from your entire team

Let your entire team, working with the banks, be heard. We offer a simple free tool to collect and monitor banks’ performance across countries and product areas throughout your organization.

Detailed Business Intelligence Dashboard

Access BuyingTeams by app or our online dashboard. Monitor service performance of all your banks. 

Benchmark Banks

Feedback provided is used to generate benchmark reports on your banks. Reports are generated with our data quality verification. 

The entire team (BuyingTeam)

Invite all relevant colleagues to join your BuyingTeam.

Easily collect feedback and get business insights like never before. 

BuyingTeams web platform
BuyingTeams web platform
We believe in a better business and bank collaboration based on intelligent data

Your banks really want to listen!

Feedback is very important for your banks. 
Your data will be available for you to bring to your bank meetings or send it to your banks for review. If the bank is a BuyingTeams-partner already – they will receive it real-time.
 We keep strict data compliance and only share anonymous data unless you actively give permission for the bank to view name, position and company information.

BuyingTeams supports the ESG activities of corporates by providing the tools and data allowing them to: 🌱

Evaluate and choose which banks to collaborate with to reach own ESG goals in a banking context.

Monitor the quality of the ESG advisory and services of individual banks and the global banking market.

Place ESG related banking business with the best in class bank(s) across countries and products

We are committed to being an ESG-friendly data provider and have already achieved many milestones in correlation to our sustainable goals. On our ESG page, we have detailed our sustainable activities and future goals as we continue working toward implementing them into effective practices.

See more in our Business introduction video

Get bank data like never before!

We provide a modern business intelligence dashboard, with possibility to dive deep into your data.

Benchmarking across industries, segments and more!

We enrich your data with bechmark data, from similar companies. Your data is analyzed and makes valuable benchmark for other companies and banks. 

Follow our market reports awards, directly in our platform.

*Product Areas: Leasing, Trade Finance, Cash Management and more…

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