How to create a business or user profile

Introduction to our mobile platform

Creating a better customer experience starts by providing a user friendly and transparent online platform, where all data is real life and up to date. 


Before getting started on creating a business or user profile, you need to download BuyingTeams App from one of the relevant app stores.
All functions and services are free with no ads or hidden fees. The BuyingTeams app is available in both Itunes App Store and Google Play Store. The application is compatible with the following devices:

iPhone (version 9.0 or above)

Android phones (version 8.0 and above)

Installation and Register

After successfully downloading the app, you will be introduced to the applications` starting page. The registering process is easy and fast, and can be executed by following the next few steps:

1. Introduction page, press ,,Get started”

2. Enter the e-mail address that you would like to be linked to your BuyingTeams profile. Click ,,Continue”.

3. Enter and confirm your password. The password should contain at least one upper case letter and one number. Click ,,Continue”.

Create password. Create business or user profile

4. The application will send you a verification e-mail to the relevant e-mail address. The e-mail contains your 6 digit long verification code. Please type the code in the app and click ,,Verify”. (In case if you did not receive verification code, you may click ,,Resend code”)

Verification code. Create business or user profile

5. (Skip if invited to the platform) Get started by entering your company details. Please note that when selecting ,,Industry” and ,,Country of Global Headquarters” , there is a possibility for multiple choice. Click ,,Continue”.

Create business profile

6. Create a business profile by entering your personal details. Please note that when selecting ,,Product Areas” there is a possibility for multiple choice. Click ,,Continue”.

Create user profile

7. In the last step you may add your bank and it`s country. Click Select. Please note that when adding a bank to your profile, there is a possibility for multiple choice. Click Save and the app will direct you to your Dashboard.

8. Welcome to your Dashboard. BuyingTeams is now ready to use.


In case of any questions, issues regarding the BuyingTeams platforms, please contact BuyingTeams support line by:


Phone: (+45) 69 17 30 01