User guide to business web platform

Introduction to our web platform

Creating a better customer experience starts by providing a user friendly and
transparent online platform, where all data is real life and up to date.

BuyingTeams web platform

Before getting started on creating a business or user profile, go to BuyingTeams web login page.

All functions and services are free with no ads or hidden fees. The BuyingTeams app is available also in both Itunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Create a business or user profile

After opening BuyingTeams web login platform you will be introduced with the register/login page.
The registering process is easy and fast, and can be executed by following the next few steps:

1.Please enter your e-mail adress, and click ,,Continue”

Business web registration page

2.Please create and confirm your password. The password should contain at least one uppercase letter and one number. Please click on ,,Register” .

Business web registration page

3.Please enter your 6 digit verification code, sent to your e-mail adress, then click ,,Verify”. If you have not received verifiaction code, plese click on ,,Resend Code” option.

Business web enter verification code

4.Please fill out the registration page, by entering your company and personal details. Please click on ,,Let’s get started” button.

Create profile BuyingTeams web platform

5.Now you are introduced to the Dashboard.

Dashboard web BuyingTeams

In case of any questions, issues regarding the BuyingTeams platforms, please contact BuyingTeams support line by:


Phone: (+45) 69 17 30 01