Creating a new request or idea

With BuyingTeams mobile application you are able to create a request or idea for your bank.
To get started please follow the next few steps:

1. Click on the plus button in the bottom right corner, and select ,,New Request or Idea”

Create new request and idea

2. On the top of the page, please select either ,,Request” or ,,Idea”. PLease fill out ,,Title” and ,,Description” , according to the topic your request/idea is referred to. Please select priority and Product Area(s), then click ,,Continue”

Create new request and idea - select priority

3. In the next step choose the bank you are creating the request/idea for. Please note that you are able to choose only one bank.

Choose bank - create request and idea

4. Choose the country of your bank, click ,,Select” then ,,Save”.

Select country - create new request and idea

5. You are directed to the overview of your request. If you wish to edit your request, please click ,,Edit” in the upper right corner.

Overview of request - create request and idea

In case of any questions, issues regarding the BuyingTeams platforms, please contact BuyingTeams support line by:


Phone: (+45) 69 17 30 01