View, filter and comment requests & ideas

With BuyingTeams mobile application you are able to view and comment on all requests, ideas and filter for specific ones.
To get started please follow the next few steps:

1. By clicking ,,Feedback” on the bottom of the dashboard you are able to see all requests added by you and your team.

Feedback menu - Create request and idea

2. If you are looking for a specific request, please click ,,Filter” in the top right corner, next to your profile picture. In the Filters section you are able to narrow your search by applying the relevant filters. Click ,,Apply Filters”

Filter requests - View requests

3. Open request by clicking on the blue ,,Open” button above the section. You are directed to the overview, where you are able to see all information about the chosen request., including deadline, description, comments.

View request

4. Click ,,Edit” in the upper right corner, to edit request.

Edit request

5. Edit your comment by clicking on the three dots in the right upper corner of your comment section.

Comment on request

6. Edit your comment then click ,,Save” .

Edit comment in Request

7. To delete comment then click ,,Delete comment” then confirm it by clicking ,,Delete”

Delete comment in Request

In case of any questions, issues regarding the BuyingTeams platforms, please contact BuyingTeams support line by:


Phone: (+45) 69 17 30 01