How to view and create ideas

With BuyingTeams web platform you are able to view and create ideas on your bank’s services.
To get started please follow the next few steps:

View ideas

1.To view ideas, please go to ,,Feedback” menu on the navigation panel of your dashboard. Please open ,,Ideas” .

View ideas in BuyingTeams web platform

2.You are now introduced to the Ideas menu, where you are able to see previous ideas made by your team. To narrow your search, please enter filters, according to your preferences.

Create ideas BuyingTeams web platform

3.After applying filters, you are introduced to the narrowed search results. To open specific idea, please click on idea’s field.

Create idea BuyingTeams web platform

4.You can add your own comment to the specific idea, by adding your comment in empty field and clicking on ,,Post comment”.

Create new idea BuyingTeams web platform

Create new idea

1.To create new idea, please click on ,,Create Idea” button in the upper right corner of Ideas’ page.

Create new idea BuyingTeams web platform

2.Please enter your requirements related to new request. Enter your request in ,,Request Description” field and click ,,Save”.

Create new idea BuyingTeams web platform

In case of any questions, issues regarding the BuyingTeams platforms, please contact BuyingTeams support line by:


Phone: (+45) 69 17 30 01